Backing up your photos

When I was engaged and shopping for a wedding photographer, it was very important to me that I would receive digital files.  This makes printing convenient and inexpensive but also allowed me to make sure they would be preserved digitally.  Trusting someone's laptop or external hard drive with one of life's greatest memories was too scary to me!

Every customer of Conforti Photography receives digital files.  In addition, we maintain enterprise grade, dual redundancy, quality backups.  This solution is expensive and time consuming, but I feel worth the costs.  My greatest thrill is your feedback after seeing the wonderful moments I've captured for you, but a close second would be delivering them again after a computer crash, failed hard drive, flood, or fire.


S3 Cloud Backup

To ensure the safety of your memories I take the following steps:

  1. During the shoot, use only Lexmark Professional Compact Flash cards which can be recovered with Lexar's Image Rescue software.
  2. During editing, my MacBook is continuously backed up using Apple's Time Machine.
  3. After editing, your photos will be uploaded to the cloud and backed up with Amazon's S3 cloud storage.
  4. A secondary backup will be made on my enterprise grade NAS device using RAID5 for data integrity. 
  5. Only after the second backup is made, the original Compact Flash card will be cleared.



I chose to only charge those utilizing my backups, rather than splitting the costs among all of my customers.  If you need a second or subsequent delivery of your photos I charge $100 to cover the cloud storage, our NAS storage, the USB Flash Drive and my additional time.