Beth and Dustin's Wedding

Beth and Dustin tied the knot in Bloomington, IN on the campus of Indiana University. Now coming from a Purdue Alumni this is hard to admit but IU's campus is hands down the most gorgeous place in the state! It is AMAZING, especially in the Fall, which is exactly why Beth and Dustin wanted to get married in October on the beautiful campus. Unfortunately mother nature let loose all over the state and rained (poured) almost all day. We moved things around and pushed back photos in hopes that it would clear up just long enough to sneak outside before it got dark and luckily we got a point right after the ceremony when there was just a light drizzle, so we got the umbrellas and jumped at the opportunity to get some photos with the amazing color palette outside.  Beth's poor dress was soaked, everyone's hair was wet and we had umbrella's over the camera gear but we ended up getting some beautiful shots! Also you will notice a small bird theme throughout the day (check out the bridesmaids bird nests instead of bouquets!!) and since Beth and Dustin met while in a research lab studying Birds at IU, both have PHD's in the field and have a passion for birds, it was so fitting and the sweetest theme! So, without further ado, Beth and Dustin's Wedding preview:

Getting rained on, and not caring because IT'S THEIR WEDDING DAY!! 

Dustin delivered food and supplies to a Lakota Indian tribe in South Dakota for his Eagle Scour project when he was 17 and was given this blanket as a gift. He was told it was to wrap his bride in on their Wedding Day! 

Venue: Indiana University Memorial Union
DJ: Dance Machine
Florist: Artful Blooms
Cake: IU Catering
Hotel: Biddle Hotel in the Memorial Union