Andrew and Lexie's Wedding

This past weekend I had two Weddings, and my Sunday wedding was my very first Jewish Wedding! I was so excited to be a part of all of the traditions and I learned so much throughout the day. I loved every minute of it and had a blast with Lexie and Andrew, celebrating their love with their families here in Indianapolis! Scroll down to see a very cool Wedding full of love, laughter, tears and beautiful tradition. I will do my best to explain as we go as Lexie was so sweet to do for me (forgive any mistakes, I'm new to Jewish Weddings!) Mazel Tov! 

The ring is sitting on the Ketubah, the traditional Jewish Marriage License that is signed and then hung in the house. 

Lexie's Bridesmaids brought Cards Against Humanity to pull out anytime Lexie started to cry so she didn't mess up her makeup :) We were all cracking up by the end! 

After walking down the aisle, the bride circles the groom 7 times before going under the Chuppah. 

Signing the Ketubah under the Chuppah, officially sealing the deal! 

The groom stomps on a wine glass at the end of the ceremony symbolizing the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and even in the midst of this happy day we are to remember how fragile life is. And it was stated "May your marriage last as long as it takes to put the pieces of this glass back together". So stomp that baby good!! 

The Blessing of the Challah by the Grandfather's. 

I was in TEARS watching them!! So so sweet! 

The Hora dance where the Bride, Groom and immediate family are lifted up on chairs. This was a blast!