First Birthday Brunch

This past weekend we had the honor of celebrating our baby girl's FIRST Birthday! I don't know where the year went, I feel like I blinked and she went from tiny newborn baby to walking around pointing at things while making piggy noises in the matter of days. It has been a beautiful year watching her grow and I look forward to many many more celebrating her! 

I had the idea to do a Brunch because both of my kids LOVE breakfast food (and so do I!) so I got on Pinterest (of course!) and did some idea searching. Turns out not many people do brunches for first birthday's, so it gave me even more incentive to make it adorable. I had the menu planned far before the decorations (Haha!) so I figured I should plan something OTHER than just the food and as I was searching through our cabinets, I realized we had paper plates, forks, spoons and napkins in just about every color from birthday parties and showers past, so I decided to embrace the leftovers and do rainbow! 

My mother-in-law made the amazing pancake stack and helped me pull the menu together, and then we had friends picking up food and coffee for us the morning of the party so we could get it all together before everyone arrived! The tricky thing about morning parties is that you don't have a ton of time to get it all together so quickly, but we had about 15 people all helping assemble and cook food (and build the doughnut tree!) all before 10am. Speaking of that doughnut tree, there are 22 dozen doughnuts on it!!! Can you believe that? Yeah me either! I kept sending my husband back to the shop for more doughnut holes. I originally had thought maybe 5 dozen would have covered the foam tree core, boy was I wrong! But somehow they all go eaten, because tiny doughnuts don't count, they have no calories ;) 

And lastly, the chalkboard signs were a result of my new love for practicing calligraphy. My goal this winter is to keep working on it but it was fun to use the new skill for her party. 


The only family photo we managed to get lol! 

The only family photo we managed to get lol!