Jordan and Maddison's Wedding

This is a special blog post for me to get to write becuase the beautiful bride in this post is my SISTER! I come from a large family and I am the oldest of six girls and another sister and brother on my Dad's side, so I have LOTS of siblings! Well Maddison is #3 in the lineup of sisters (there is a photo of us all in age order below). So to say that I was honored to capture her special day is definitely an understatement. I was thrilled! And she could not have been more beautiful and radiant and I may have taken WAY too many photos of her by herself becuase she's my little sister and I just couldn't get over how gorgeous she looked. My son Enzo was pretty excited he was in charge of carrying the rings down the aisle and he did a great job (and also carried them above his head like he was delivering a pizza lol), and our little Evie girl kept the dance floor occupied the entire night with her adorable baby dancing. 
Jordan and his family hosted the Wedding on their property in northern Indiana and between Maddi, Jordan's sisters and his mom, they pulled the whole Wedding off by themselves, food and all. It was an impressive feat and we are so grateful that she is marrying into such a wonderful family! 

Their day was filled with lots of family, laughter, tears, love, (amazing BBQ chicken) and a beautiful firework show after the sun went down. The perfect end to such a perfect day. 

We are so happy for you Maddi and Jordan and wish you all the best with all of the exciting things happening in your lives right now as newlyweds! 

My sweet grandparents on their Wedding Day back in the 50's. My Grandfather, who we called Papa, passed away a few years ago and was a Korean War Vet, and my Grandmother, who we call Nana, was unable to make it to the Wedding due to health issues, so Maddi honored them with this photo in her bouquet. 

This is all of us sisters in age order, me being the oldest on the far left.