Take a tour of our Space - Where living and loving happens!

Welcome! I am glad you are here and are interested in taking a photo tour of our home! It's so fun to get inspired from other people's spaces and you know as soon as a friend lists their house on zillow you immediately click through the photos, am I right?! I know I do! It's intriguing. I love design and getting inspired by walking the aisles of Hobby Lobby and binge watching Fixer Upper. 

We built our very first home a year and a half ago while my son was a year and half old, I was pregnant with my daughter and we had all of stuff in storage (including the gorgeous baby grand piano that was passed down from my parents a few years ago) and somehow we survived the building process. We crammed our little family into a 500 sq/ft apartment and literally slept on a mattress on the floor for 6.5 months. I was in the middle of a very busy Wedding season, my pregnancy with my daughter was filled with LOTS of vomiting (probably one reason I have so many awful feelings toward that apartment) and my husband and I both worked from home with our crazy toddler man at home with us. There were days where my husband would take calls in the bathroom to get away from my son's babbling and I would edit with my computer on the stove. This place had NO SPACE. None. BUT....we saved lots of money! And we just kept telling ourselves that the whole summer while our dream home was being built. Once we moved in, we realized our college furniture and mismatched stuff from garage sales as broke newlyweds all of a sudden looked very tiny and very mismatched in our new gorgeous house. Shortly after we moved in, baby girl was born and decorating our big empty space was put on the back burner, so for almost a year we lived in a very empty house. Our first big purchase was the couch. Our living room couch is HUGE, and we wanted it that way becuase we love hosting and we love filling our house with people. Seating was always an issue so when looking at couches we just decided to bite the bullet and save up for what we really wanted...a BIG couch to fit everyone! From there we hit up IKEA a couple of times with the kids (not ideal with a toddler and baby but we needed furniture! lol). It's taken a year and half but we have slowly started to fill the space, and since we were starting from scratch we got to buy everything in our colors and coordinate it all. 

Joanna Gaines is my girl....I love her so much and every time I watch one of her shows my husband has to talk me down from the ledge of shiplapping the whole house (it's still on my list though!) But I am so inspired in the neutral spaces with lots of greenery. I feel happy in it, and isn't that what decorating is supposed to do...make you feel happy in a space?!

We have so much growing space in this house and there are rooms (and floors) we haven't even touched yet so our list of things we want to do is long, but for now I can say *most* of the main floor is finally finished. Happy Dance! (Still haven't done anything to the home office but in time we'll get there). 

We are so in love with our home, but most importantly we are grateful for a space to safely raise our babies and make memories of living room dance parties, pizza making nights in the kitchen and bubble baths in the bathroom. 

Hopefully you can find inspiration and a little solidarity in the fact that it takes TIME to get your house to where you want it and room by room it gets there. Maybe in another year and half I can update this post with some updates on our back patio, basement, home office and upstairs loft ;) 

Lastly, leave a comment to find out where something is from! We are happy to share all our great finds!!

Have to end with our playroom - which is currently occupying our Formal Dining Room - in it's natural state ;) 

Have to end with our playroom - which is currently occupying our Formal Dining Room - in it's natural state ;)