What Wedding Packages do you offer?

At this time I offer two different packages, starting at $4,000 that can be customized to fit your needs perfectly. Each package includes Digitals of all of your high resolution edited photos, a printing release form, and an online album for easy viewing and ordering. Email me at cassie@confortiphoto.com for my pricing and information guide. 


What is a printing release form?

A printing release form is a document that I will send you with your USB Flash Drive or Digital Download granting you the right to print your photos in any quantity and in any size that you please.


How do I print my pictures?

You are welcome to print your pictures as you please.  Just take your USB Drive to any printing place.  I would not recommend a big box store's printing department (Walmart, Walgreens, Meijer) only because your photos will not retain the high quality that they were taken.


What if I lose my picture files?

We keep double redundant backup's of your photos.  It is still your responsibility to keep a backup of your delivered files, but we do our best to have your back!   There is a fee for re-delivery to help cover the cost of our backup solutions.  More details here.


Where should I print my pictures? 

The easiest way to print your pictures in great quality is on your individual gallery website cassieconforti.com.  I recommend the "Lustre" style prints.  Also mpix.com does a great job.  If are looking for something local, I prefer Robert's Camera of Carmel and Indianapolis.


How do you edit the photos? 

I use Adobe's Creative Suite 6 (CS6) which includes Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  My degree is from Purdue University in Graphic Design (Visual Communications Design).


Do you travel for Weddings or Photoshoots?

Of course! E-mail me for details but I am willing to go wherever your wedding or photoshoot takes you! If you are within a 20 mile radius of 46074 then there is of course no travel fee. Anything within a 200 mile radius of 46074 has a $150 flat rate travel fee (West Lafayette, Ft. Wayne, Bloomington, etc.) Anything farther can be personally discussed to create a custom fee for wherever it is that you want those astonishing photos taken. Greece or Italy anyone?! 


Do I provide you with a meal on the day of my Wedding?

I do ask that you provide me with a meal if I am spending more than 5 hours with you on your Wedding day.


How long will it take to receive my photos after my Wedding or Photoshoot?

Usually processing takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks for a Wedding but you will be able to preview some teasers on my Facebook page within a couple of days. For a regular session shoot you can expect to receive your fully edited photos within 3 weeks in the mail but will be able to view them online after a few days.


What if I don’t want my photos online?

No problem! Just let me know before hand and I will do my best to keep your photos off of the internet.


Is there an easy way for family members to view the Wedding photos?

Of course! After the photos are ready to go, I will upload them to cassieconforti.com where you will be able to send family members to view the photos as well as buy prints and products.


How much do you charge per hour if I want to add time to my package?

$500 per extra hour that you want to add to your package.


How do I pay? 

I accept cash, check or all major credit and debit cards. You will book through a platform called Honeybook, where you will be able to sign the contract, pay, fill out questionairre's and view your package at any time.   More details here.


How do I book with you?

You can shoot me an email at: cassie@confortiphoto.com for more information, or fill out the contact form on the Contact Page. 


What should I wear?

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